Social Responsibility

Last week Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS, spoke at the World Business Forum.  Not surprisingly, he spoke about how social responsibility makes good business sense.  “Having a purpose other than making money” and “instead of focusing on marketing and advertising, if we just focused on giving, then

[our customers] would do the marketing for us” are my two favorite quotes from his talk.   Joining “social responsibility” as a hot topic these past weeks is the dilemma around “employee engagement” or lack thereof.   Gallup recently shared some perspective on how to engage employees and it had nothing to do with offering perks to make them happy.  One of the recommendations centered on making the work employees do more meaningful.  As more and more companies realize the broad benefits of social responsibility, I wanted to share some staggering stats on how consumers view social responsibility and how it translates into purchase decisions.

Once the decision is made to become more socially responsible, the key is in finding the right cause and developing creative ways to integrate the cause into your corporate DNA.  Stay tuned for more on these topics.

Blake Mycoskie, TOMS Founder, at the World Business Forum

Gallup’s Thoughts on Improving Employee Engagement