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We empower people to inspire possibilities and positive growth in themselves, others and at the companies with whom they work.

Slide BE Excellence. Model kindness. Go above & beyond.
Show integrity.
Slide BE Empowered. Drive Growth. Demonstrate
accountability. Figure it out.
Slide BE Evolving. Stay curious. Keep learning.
Seek possibilities.
Slide BE Intentional. Think before doing. Understand
impact. Maintain transparency.
Slide BE Happy. Exude positivity. Create fun.
Find the silver lining.
Slide BE Flexible. Roll with it. Bounce back.
Open your mind.
Slide BE True. To yourself and others.

Our Story

Cari Gatto

I launched Swell Marketing Partners to solve a problem I grappled with as a business leader and a working parent: making the most of time and resources to produce excellence and results.

I love people, I love helping, so naturally I especially love helping people. Swell Marketing helps companies and the people that make them run thrive.

My 20-year career in leadership roles at global brands like American Express and Nestle, taught me the challenges of managing resources—to launch new products, capabilities and lines of business and to manage medical and parental leaves, while delivering on aggressive business goals and deadlines regardless of resource constraints. My work leading large teams also made me realize that my greatest satisfaction came from developing people to perform at their highest level and that people who are inspired and true to themselves always do their best work — in both work and life.

As my business leadership grew, so did my family and the demands of raising two young children. I saw many of my colleagues also grappling with the desire for more time to manage family and outside-of-work passions. It was clear to me that there was an unmet need for greater work flexibility and a more holistic approach to inspiring people.

I wanted to help these people! I wanted to provide them with a platform to live their best lives by having the flexibility to work when and how they wanted while providing tools to empower them.

And I knew that in today’s competitive talent landscape, companies would benefit from having access to a more flexible and empowered workforce.

Swell Marketing was launched to solve your resources gaps — producing impactful results while offering our contractors the flexibility needed to thrive both at work and at home.

Swell Marketing Partners is also the merging of what I’ve learned throughout my career—that success matters, but without core values, clear priorities (family first!) and a sense of pride in what you do, it’s meaningless.

At Swell Marketing, we do talent management in a different way — with distinct excellence that comes from high touch client relationships and a focus on ongoing talent development.


Meet our Swell team.

Swell’s all-star marketers commit to continuous growth and live and work by our core values.
We are marketing experts committed to taking your business to new heights.

Cari is on the speed dial for the world’s top brands when they’re looking for on demand marketing expertise or to turbocharge a new project. After 20+ years of building brands and businesses at American Express, Nestlé and Publishers Clearing House, she launched Swell Marketing Partners to bring the right talent and marketing solutions to clients when they have marketing resource gaps. As CEO and Founder, Cari is Swell’s chief client champion, leading a nimble team of world-class strategy and project management consultants across all marketing disciplines.


Cari Gatto

Founder, CEO & Professional Coach

Jennifer designs and executes projects and processes that drive revenue and high-value customers and unlock cost savings. Her versatile skill set shines in product launches, customer acquisition, and critical compliance, controls and technology initiatives. She can motivate teams, activate partnership deals, and reimagine acquisition and revenue strategies to create new and improved outcomes.


Jennifer Sonnabend

VP, Business Development,
Swell Marketer

Carole fosters the operational excellence that makes Swell Marketing run seamlessly for our clients and contractors. She brings 15+ years working in Fortune 100 companies across product and marketing disciplines to launch, integrate and drive revenue in rapidly changing marketplaces. She is adept at working cross-functionally, virtually and across multiple organizations. Her passion is to build strong relationships and continue to learn new things.


Carole Markowitz

Director, Operations

Lauren is a marketing and technology project manager and operations wunderkind who propels processes, projects and people to greater efficiency and better results. Her steady hand guides a wide-range of projects – new platform launches, training materials, RFP management, vendor on-boarding, analysis & reporting – across business units and cross-functional partners. She surfaces challenges, mitigates obstacles and gets it done, all with a positive can-do attitude.


Lauren Lehner

Swell Marketer

Sheri is a brand marketing leader and collaborative business partner treasured by clients for her positivity and pace-setting marketing and partnership programs. Her leadership is rooted in what one client calls “rigor and magic” – the artful balancing of multiple stakeholders, agency partners and business units through strategic negotiation, financial modeling and global organizational sell-through. She leverages a deep knowledge of the marketing ecosystem to drive growth and create opportunities – for customers, partners, and brands.


Sheri Reagan

Swell Marketer

Eileen brings extraordinary insight into the customer experience and consumer mindset to craft high-impact digital and traditional marketing campaigns across all phases of the product lifecycle from acquisition to attrition. A talented relationship manager and leader, Eileen motivates teams and partners to shared business success and deep customer engagement. Her broad expertise includes P&L management, vendor management and building and empowering cross-functional teams.


Eileen McMahon

Swell Marketer

Mary is an analytical and collaborative marketing partner who translates business needs and customer data into business solutions, product roadmaps and marketing campaigns. A strong communicator, Mary draws on leadership roles at top financial and human resources service companies, including American Express, UBS, Merrill Lynch and ADP to design and execute marketing campaigns and communications that puts a human face on business drivers.


Mary Mokris

Swell Marketer

Jamie is a dynamic brand storyteller and senior strategic marketer, able to advocate for projects, partners and platforms across diverse stakeholders at every level to win both internal champions and market share. Her work drives revenue, relevancy and customer lifetime value across digital and traditional channels, and across verticals including CPG, Entertainment and Financial Services. In her 13+ year career, she has led senior teams on both the client and agency side for American Express, Nielsen, Time Inc., Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser.


Jamie Leahy

Swell Marketer

Jill blends operational agility, rigor and a sense of humor to lead teams and projects to collaborative success across a broad range of marketing functions. During 20+ years across American Express business units (Consumer, B2B Global Marketing and Travel & Leisure Services) she has led fast-growth projects in product marketing, partner and client management and customer experience.


Jill Wiseman

Swell Marketer

Bethany is an idea generator and adroit executor – with deep multi-channel experience in merchant acquisition and marketing across social, online, mobile, print, sponsorships and TV. A strong relationship manager, Bethany also offers high-impact sales and marketing campaign oversight (website launches, pitch decks, collateral, training material development). She has worked for American Express, Budget and Oxford Health.


Bethany Kapadia

Swell Marketer

Karen is a product strategy and marketing leader who takes an idea, concept or new way of doing things, eliminates hurdles and makes it happen. Analytical, creative and all about digital innovation – she has created transformational, revenue-driving products and customer solutions for companies ranging from American Express to NASDAQ to Thomson Reuters.


Karen Wilner Lavi

Swell Marketer

Nicole drives outsized results across complex, matrixed projects in brand, acquisition, early tenure and product management. She is a customer-first marketer, leveraging deep digital experience across the marketing lifecycle to create strategic end-to-end journeys. She managed the commercial launches of Small Business Saturday and the American Express Global Brand Strategy platform and campaign. She enjoys creating new roadmaps and working with cross-functional teams from creative to compliance.


Nicole Smith

Swell Marketer

Stacy builds digital platforms and capabilities, partnerships and business initiatives from the ground up. An expert in launching new digital platforms, communities and knowledge management sites, her work gives global teams the collaboration tools needed for success. Stacy’s work leverages 15+ years as a trusted partner to senior leadership in Strategy & Business Planning, Brand Management, Merchant Acquisition, B2B and B2C Marketing/Account Management and Field Enablement.


Stacy Mark

Swell Marketer

Betsy knows how to execute a strategy that wins customers, market share and delivers loyal, engaged fans. She is an experienced and flexible marketer with 15+ years of supporting leading companies (American Express, CBS Television) and start-ups as a growth driver, go-to-market champion and social strategist. Her work builds community, customers and companies. And she loves project management.


Betsy Frank

Swell Marketer

Jessica puts powerhouse analytics to work for merchant and technology clients via smart deal economics, process mapping and pricing strategy. She enjoys creating a through-line between analytics, business solutions and products. Most recently, she led process mapping, reporting and risk analysis for American Express’ lodging portfolio which informed pricing strategy for the company’s travel division. She has also worked in corporate planning and analytics at GE and NBC Universal.


Jessica Patel

Swell Marketer

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