consumer centricThis is a great Op Ed by John Squire, President of eCommera.

A company’s ability to thrive will become increasingly dependent on their ability to evolve with the changes in consumer behavior.  Historically, consumer insights were used to develop brand strategies and help us get the right message to the right consumer.  Today, it’s a whole new ball game.  Consumer-centricity must drive not only product development, creative strategy and targeting, but how we operate as a company. One simple consumer behavioral change has triggered a number of necessary process improvements in eCommerce –the use of multiple devices in the purchase process.  So now consumers are looking at catalogs in home, comparing prices on mobile devices in your store, checking reviews on tablets, purchasing on desktop and making returns in store (or any combination of these).

Hmmm… so what does that mean for retailers?  It means that you have to understand cross-channel attribution, or how investment in one channel impacts behavior in another.  It also means that your online, offline and inventory data needs to be integrated.  And, let’s not forget our ability to use purchase data to drive repeat business and brand loyalty.  “Big data” is the answer, haven’t you heard?  But does anyone know what the question was?  In the end, what really matters is consumer-centricity.