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The Digital CMO

I just read 5 Things Digital CMOs Do Better published by Harvard Business Review. It's rare that I read an article like this and agree equally on all points made. Is there one that you think is most important for a CMO in the digital age? I do think that CMOs today are adept at using data to target and measure and that the majority of marketing organizations are aggressively testing to continuously refine and improve performance. However, there is still much upside in marketers shifting from a channel-centric approach to a more consumer-centric approach.

Consumer-centricity and You… Yes, You.

eCommera is solving the big data challenge for retailers with the Dynamic Action product. Aggregating data from multiple sources to better understand cross-channel attribution and consumer behavior while modeling the financial impact of process improvements. What was once a highly complex, expensive and resource intensive undertaking is simplified with the science and technology behind the product. I love easy solutions!